Thursday, 21 June 2018
St Columba Centre
Welcome to St Columba Centre "A Place to Meet - Te Tutaki", located in the heart of Ponsonby at 40 Vermont St.

The St Columba Centre, owned by the Catholic Diocese of Auckland, is an historic building first built in 1913 as a school. During 1919 and the early 1920s it served as an emergency hospital before reverting to its original role as a school. The building was restored in 2000 and opened on 18th February 2001, by Bishop Patrick Dunn, as a high quality meeting centre.

Since 2001 it has gained a reputation as a centre of excellence and as such has become a location of choice for many organisations. Annually over 2000 meetings are held among the five large rooms, plus the main hall, by a diverse range of organisations.

The St Columba Centre is an ideal Conference, Seminar, Meetings, Workshops or Launches venue. Situated in a central location with extensive parking, five versatile rooms. AV equipment and Internet access is also available.

Around the Centre you will see works of art from a celebrated designer and weaver – Toi Te Rito Maihi – is a skilled weaver and artist who has exhibited her work both here and overseas. Her assistant was Riana Akinihi WiHongi.


This stunning work moves from a Maori image of creation to a God-centred image, challenging the viewer to reflect on how God’s creation can be restored. It is made up of three flaxen panels finely woven from kuta (gold), pingao (gold) and ti whanake (green).

The central panel features the three baskets of knowledge – Nga Kete Maturanga, and the artist has added a fourth basket – common sense. The baskets contain the knowledge that will help us to care for God’s creation, through living in right relationship with Atua (God), Whenua (the land) and Tangata (each other).

This artwork is located in the Bishop Cleary Hall.

For any information on the Centre please contact (09) 376 1195 or email St Columba Centre
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Inside St Columba Centre

This view is the main room, Bishop Cleary Hall.

Our Location
Please be aware the advertised street address for St Columba is 40 Vermont St. Driveway and parking access is the two driveways prior to 40 Vermont St.